This page is designed to increase DPS’s knowledge of assessment literacy with the ultimate goal of improving student learning.

Assessment Literacy Modules

1. Get together with your grade level and/or content team.
2. Print the Notes sheets.
3. Read the notes as you view the PowerPoint in slideshow mode.  Keep in mind of how this information will inform the assessments you create and use.

Module 1 - Introduction to Assessment Design
1.  Powerpoint
2.  Notes
Module 2 - Elements of Assessment Design
1.  Powerpoint
2.  Notes
Module 3 - Reviewing and Using Assessment Results
1.  Powerpoint
2.  Notes

Additional Resources

Assessment Creation

•  Assessment Checklist
•  Blueprint:  Template  ¦¦  Literacy Sample
•  Item Types Reference Sheet
•  Item Writing Guidelines (coming soon!)

Assessment Strategy

•  Assessment Strategy:  Template  ¦¦  Sample (coming soon!)
•  Thought Questions