Local Assessment in DPS

Our goal is that all schools have a sound formative assessment process in place by which they frequently monitor student progress in relation to grade level skills and standards and adjust instruction accordingly.

Schools are required to administer a commonly developed, medium-scale, medium-cycle assessment, a pre-built interim assessment or a computer adaptive assessment in literacy and math to all students in grades 3-8, at their enrolled grade-level, three times per year. Schools have two opt-in options to support the implementation of this assessment strategy. Opt-out schools must meet the minimum requirements listed above.

Opt-In Information

» Option 1: Create Your Own Assessments Using an Item Bank (Illuminate DnA)
» Option 2: Interims and Platform Provided by ANet


Additional Resources
District Assessment Overview
DPS Assessment Strategy (2016-17 and Beyond)

Other District Test Information

High School Course Assessments
Unit Assessments
SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory)


For information on our District Policies in regards to assessment, click here.