About the PSAT 10 and SAT
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2016-17 DPS Test Dates
2015-16 PSAT 10 Results
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About the PSAT 10
The PSAT 10 is an assessment taken by Colorado tenth graders that is designed to measure the reading, writing, and math skills important for college and career readiness and success.  The PSAT 10 shows students their academic strengths and weaknesses, provides indicators of student readiness for AP coursework, and connect students with access to scholarship opportunities.  Since the SAT is used for admission by colleges and universities, taking the PSAT is a key step for students preparing to go to college.

About the SAT
The SAT is an assessment that students take in the eleventh grade to help them understand their academic progress and preparedness for college and career. The SAT is accepted for admission and placement in all public colleges and universities in the state, and also links students to important scholarship opportunities from universities or other organizations. The SAT was newly-redesigned in 2016 and features more opportunities to evaluate students’ critical reasoning and thinking skills.

In the 2016-17 school year, Denver Public Schools will transition from the ACT to the SAT test as a measure of college readiness.

  • Students in grades 3 – 9 will continue to take CMAS.
  • Students in tenth grade will continue to take the PSAT 10.
  • Students in eleventh grade will take the SAT.

The SAT and PSAT are aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and thus provide a seamless assessment progression from CMAS to PSAT to SAT.  The SAT and PSAT 10 focus on the concepts and skills important for college and career readiness.  Learn more about the PSAT and SAT.

Free Resources for Students
DPS has partnered with Khan Academy and College Board to provide free resources for students taking the PSAT 10 and the SAT.  Students can link their College Board and Khan Academy accounts to get personalized practice results. Free college planning information is also available on the College Board’s Big Future website.

Resources for Students and Families
College Board Site for Students
Creating a College Board Account – students
Link to Khan Academy

4 Steps to Prepare for the SAT
Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

2016-17 DPS Test Dates
PSAT 10 (10th Grade)
Initial Test Date:  4/11 or 4/12 (school chooses 1 day)
Make-up Test Date: 4/25 or 4/26 (based on initial test date)

SAT (11th Grade)
Initial Test Date:  4/11
Make-up Test Date: 4/25
Accommodation Window: 4/11-4/14 (tentative)

2015-16 PSAT 10 Results
View PSAT 10 results for state, districts and schools here.  Students can view individual PSAT 10 scores in their College Board Student Portal; paper score reports will be sent home this fall.

Resources for DPS Staff
PSAT 10 and SAT: Resources for School Leaders, Teachers and SALs*
SAT PSAT Resources for Educators: Google Folder*
Timeline to Test Day
*You will need your DPS Google account to log in.

Questions and Contact Information
DPS ARE Contact:
Kelly Gilmore

College Board Customer Support – for school administrators & counselors:
SAT:  888.728.4357
PSAT: 888.477.7728
AP:  877.274.6474
SSD Coordinator:  800.257.5123
College Board’s Colorado-specific support line: 1-866-917-9030
Use this number to call College Board. You will need your AI code.