Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) are course-long learning objectives set by teachers to identify and then monitor student progress along a learning progression towards critical learning outcomes. Based on the Colorado Academic and Common Core State Standards, the goal of SLOs is to focus teachers on setting ambitious, realistic and measurable objectives towards student mastery of the S­tandards.

SLOs provide a process by which teachers start in the right place – determining what our students need to know by the end of each course to succeed in college, career and life. Teachers then plan backwards in an aligned, thoughtful way to ensure that every minute of instruction and assessment is working towards our common goal of Every Child Succeeds. By implementing SLOs, DPS seeks to maximize student growth by making effective teaching practices a part of every teacher’s planning.

ProComp Announcement (June 2016)
We are pleased to announce that we – Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association – have reached agreement on 2015-16 compensation, benefits and ProComp incentives for teachers and Specialized Service Providers (SSPs).

For our teachers on the traditional salary schedule, you will be eligible for steps, lanes and longevity increases per our master agreement. We were also able to clarify how certain ProComp incentives will be paid. We focused on maximizing eligibility for incentives that increase your base pay (as opposed to one-time bonuses). As you know, we needed to align the new Student Learning Objectives or SLO process to the ProComp provision for Student Growth Objectives or SGOs. We agreed that every teacher and SSP who participated in the SLO process will receive a base-building increase of $398.51 in September 2016. This includes our teachers with more than 14 years of service.

Click here to visit the SLO wiki page, which contains all model SLOs, and the Performance Based Task resource bank.

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Here's more info about how SLOs are used in LEAP and ProComp
*All updated for 2016-17!!

Process Resources: Preparedness and Baseline Data
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Working with Different Learning Management Systems:

Coming Soon: Illuminate: How to Find Students’ Performance on Previous Year Assessments
Schoolnet: Running an Item Analysis Report for Previous Year Data
Schoolnet: How to Find Students’ Performance on Previous Year Assessments

Process Resources: Progress Monitoring and End-of-Course Expectation Levels
*All Updated for 2016-17!!

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  • Coming Soon: Preparing for LEAP EOY Conversations – Additional Conversation Protocol
Information for Special Educators, SSPs, Non-Classroom Licensed Professionals, and Other Sub-Groups
District Model SLOs and Performance Based Tasks (PBTs)
To view SLO samples and PBTs, please visit the Model SLO and Performance Based Tasks (PBTs) Bank.

For more detailed information on district Performance Based Tasks to match SLOs, click here.

Beyond the Common Core Professonal Learning (BCC PL)
SLO Application
Enter SLO Data! Login to the SLO application here (Google Chrome works best)

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For more information on the SLO process for SSPs see the SSP SLO website. Please contact the Talent Management team (at for any questions regarding the SLO process for SSPs.