District-created supplemental assessments are designed to assess how well students have mastered the standards taught during the school year.  Supplemental assessments provide teachers and students with valuable information regarding students’ progress toward standards mastery.  Teachers should use interim results to make instructional decisions in their classroom to meet the needs of their students.  Supplemental assessments are created and reviewed by DPS teachers, ARE, and Curriculum and Instruction.


Literacy- Grades 3-5

Module 1

*Please note that the Module 1 blueprint also contains the schedule of assessed standards for Modules 2 and 3.

secure file Grade 3 Supplemental Assessment 1
secure file Grade 4 Supplemental Assessment 1
secure file Grade 5 Supplemental Assessment 1

Social Studies - Grade 4
Social Studies - Grade 7
Science - Grade 5

Module 1

secure file Grade 5 Supplemental Assessment 1



Science - Grade 8

* Note – Files displaying this icon secure file can only be accessed by district users in order to ensure certain assessment documents are not accessible by students.

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