School Satisfaction Survey

Parent Satisfaction Survey

The Parent Satisfaction Survey asks parents and guardians of students in Denver Public Schools to reflect on their experience with their students’ school. The parent survey is provided to all parents with a self-addressed, pre-paid envelope in April. Results from the parent survey are reported back to schools in the summer, and are included in schools’ School Performance Framework.

Please contact Karen Lutz with questions.

Student Satisfaction Survey

The Student Satisfaction Survey is administered online to students in grades 3-13 in May, and asks students to reflect on their experience with their school. This survey is different than the Student Perception Survey, which students take in the Fall semester. The Student Satisfaction Survey is mandatory for all schools, and is included in the School Performance Framework.

Please contact Karen Lutz with questions.

Note: Reports for both the Student and Parent Surveys are available on the Principal Portal for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. Parent Survey results after 2011-2012 are no longer available on the reporting tool linked below. 

TELL Survey

Staff surveys are administered online every two years by the Colorado Department of Education through the Teaching, Empowering, Leading & Learning Initiative (TELL). Survey Results, including individual questions, are available at the links below.

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Student Satisfaction Survey Resources for Staff
Link to 2015-2016 Student Satisfaction Survey (live between May 2 and May 20):


Student Satisfaction Print Survey Request Form (for students with specific accommodations outlined in their IEPs)


2015-2016 Student Satisfaction Survey FAQ


2015-2016 Student Satisfaction Survey SAL Training Webinar




2015-2016 School Satisfaction Survey Timelines

Parent Results - 2012-2013 and After
School level Parent Satisfaction Survey data from 2012-2013 and after are available upon request.

District Parent Satisfaction Survey 2013

District Parent Satisfaction Survey 2014

All Student Survey Results & Parent Survey Results prior to 2012-2013
Staff Survey Results