About District Improvement

As a school district, our job is to prepare our students to create change in their own lives as well as in our community, our city, our country and our world. This team is responsible for catalyzing change at the district level—specifically, supporting DPS’ ability to reach our Denver Plan goals.

Performance dialogues—ongoing conversations about how we are achieving our ambitious Denver Plan 2020 goals—are central to our success. Just as we encourage teachers to monitor their students’ progress, district staff also monitor how close we are to achieving our goals. We do this via two key methods:
-A series of meetings involving staff at multiple levels of the organization so all voices are heard
-Staff that is specially charged with updating and empowering senior leaders to support our work


• About District Improvement
• About Performance Dialogues
• Action Planning and Progress Monitoring website (requires DPS login): action team documents, materials for performance dialogue meetings, district priority logic models, and more


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