Local Assessment in DPS

Our goal is that all schools have a sound formative assessment process in place by which they frequently monitor student progress in relation to grade level skills and standards and adjust instruction accordingly.

Schools are required to administer a commonly developed, medium-scale, medium-cycle assessment, a pre-built interim assessment or a computer adaptive assessment in literacy and math to all students in grades 3-8, at their enrolled grade-level, three times per year. Schools have two opt-in options to support the implementation of this assessment strategy. Opt-out schools must meet the minimum requirements listed above.

Opt-In Information

» Option 1: DPS Assessment Solution (Illuminate DnA)
» Option 2: Interims and Platform Provided by ANet

Recommended Unit Assessment Calendar for DPS (2017-18)

Additional Resources
DPS Assessment Strategy (2017-18 and Beyond)
High School Course Assessment Information and Blueprints
Unit Assessment Information and Blueprints
Supplemental Assessment Information and Blueprints
SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory)


For information on our District Policies in regards to assessment, click here.