Opt-In Option 1: DPS Assessment Solution

DPS provides an assessment and data tool preloaded with packaged assessments, item banks, and strategic support that will enable schools to decide how best to use these features.  Based on the DPS Assessment Strategy, schools are required to administer:

  • pre-built unit or interim assessments; or
  • commonly developed interim assessments; or
  • computer adaptive assessments in literacy and math to all students in grades 3-8, three times a year.

The purpose of these assessments is to progress monitor and use data to adjust instruction.

Illuminate DnA

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Each opt-in School has been assigned an assessment specialist to support all aspects of the school’s assessment strategy.
Access the 2017-18 School Support List.

Sara Dinser
Social Studies

Gary Hanson
3-8 Mathematics

Jonathon Haradon
High School Mathematics/Student Learning Objectives

Kevin Lindauer

Pete Tardif
Secondary Literacy

Emily Yerkes
Elementary Literacy


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