School Leaders


We invite you to visit our internal SPF site for school staff, which includes:

-measure lists
-webinars and resources
-Frequently Asked Questions
-and more.

*You will need your DPS Google account to log in.


Parents, Families and Community

We invite you to visit our School Performance Framework (SPF) page, which includes:

-an overview of the SPF and why it matters
-overall results
-individual school results
-and more.

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UIP Templates
  • 2015-2016 UIP Blank Template – The UIP template has been designed to meet state, federal, and program accountability requirements.  All schools, including new schools, are required to use the 15-16 template.  Templates that are pre-populated with assessment data will not be provided in 2015-2016, due to the fact that CDE is not releasing a 2015 state SPF.  CDE will provide templates that are pre-populated with grant and accountability information for schools.
  • 2015-2016 AEC UIP Blank Template– Blank template for Alternative Education Campuses (AECs).
  • 2015-2016 Pre-populated UIP Templates – NOW in School Folders! (9/15/2015)
UIP Resources


UIP Upload Tool – Use this tool to access UIPs from previous school years and to upload your UIP by required submission dates.