What are these assessments?

The unit assessments were developed and written by teachers for the units in the DPS Scope and Sequence. They are meant to be used as a summative assessment for each unit. The unit assessments have a dual purpose of:

  1. measuring students’ achievement of standards and informing instruction by sampling important learning goals throughout a unit
  2. assisting in the understanding of the necessary level of rigor students should attain within the standards.

How do I use these assessments?

Unit assessments should be given at the end of a unit. The unit assessments can be downloaded using the links below, printed and used with students as the school or teacher sees fit. They are also located in Schoolnet to facilitate data analysis within a body of evidence comprised of other district, unit and teacher created assessments.

Student and Teacher Versions of the Unit Tests

* Note – Files displaying this icon secure file can only be accessed by district users in order to ensure certain assessment documents are not accessible by students.

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